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Proper Squat Form

Every day while training I have to correct at least one client’s squat form. Unfortunately there are many exercises that people are performing incorrectly and the squat is one of the most common. So lets talk about how to perform a correct body weight squat.
- Start with your feet a little bit wider then shoulder width apart with your toes pointed slightly outward, like 10 degrees
- Look straight ahead and pick a spot on the wall, you want to keep looking forward. Do not look at the floor or this will effect your spinal alignment
- Keep your spine aligned- don’t hyper extend your back or round your back
- Your weight should be in your heels using the balls of your feet only for balance, you should be able to wiggle your toes the entire time!
- Tighten your core, inhale and then begin your squat, pressing your butt backwards
- Keep your chest and shoulders lifted
- Keep your knees inline with your feet; you might need to squat in front of a mirror to be able to notice this. Do not let your knees knock in or bow outwards
- Squat down until your hip joint is parallel with your knees. At the bottom, breath out and drive through your heels to stand up
- Make sure to squeeze your butt at the top!
So next time you are the gym make sure you execute the perfect squat by following these directions! Come into Live Fit if you have any additional questions! Any of our personal trainers would be happy to help you!