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Proper Running Form

Staying active has countless benefits to your overall health and running has many benefits to your joint health. Although many people believe that running can be detrimental to your joint health, if its done properly it can actually keep you more limber and decrease issues such as arthritis. Learning to run properly is important to reap the health benefits and avoid injuries. Below are some tips to improve your running posture and form:

  • Keep your torso upright, if you start to slouch, take a deep breath to straighten you out

  • Slide your arms forward and back, not across your chest

  • Don’t clench fists

  • Keep your elbows at 90 degrees, going back and forth between your chest and waist

  • Keep your knee slightly flexed to bend naturally

  • Lift your back leg only as high as needed to maintain proper stride

  • Land between heel and midfoot, avoid running on toes

  • Roll forward quickly and use your calves to propel you off the ground

Remember these tips next time you get out there and run and you may notice less pain and a more enjoyable run.