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Portion Size

Yesterday I met with a new client, she was AWESOME and was really excited to get started with her new healthy lifestyle. We quickly figured out that her diet was in drastic need of a make over. (Which a lot of us are) Throughout the workout we chatted about what a normal meal was for her and I quickly noticed that her idea of a “normal” portion size was very large. I know we have touched on this before but I think it is something that we all need to remind ourselves of every once in a while. I think that she will have a lot of success once she shrinks her portion sizes; she will still be able to eat the foods she enjoys but in smaller portions!

I found the following link useful for ways to control your portion size and I knew I needed to share it with you guys. I have to admit I would NEVER buy the wine glass because that would just depress me every time I filled it up to the top! The portion control bowls were my favorite thing because I hate getting a measuring cup out and then pouring it into another bowl. I am all for less clean up! Let me know if you all have any tips or tricks for controlling your portion size.