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Portion Control

One of the most difficult things in my opinion for a personal trainer to teach a client is portion control. This is so difficult because when you go to 90% of the restaurants around here their portions are crazy and out of control.

I am by no means perfect with portion control so I catch myself having to measure a lot of things I eat. Especially any type of cracker or nuts, I sometimes look down and half the bag is gone! So this is one of those do as I say, not as I do situations! I have found that if I put the crackers or nuts in a bowl I can stay pretty accurate with “eyeballing” the portion size, but after a month or so of not measuring I notice my “eyeballing” portion sizes start to increase. When I notice this happening I go back to measuring everything out for about a week.

Especially when dieting portion control is very important, make sure to practice portion control when eating “healthy” food like almonds or nuts because even healthy calories can prevent you from losing weight.

Below I have attached an image that can help with portion sizes.temp-post-image

Found here: http://www.healthyeating.org/Healthy-Eating/Healthy-Living/Weight-Management/Article-Viewer/Article/348/Correct-Portion-Sizes-How-to-Keep-Portion-Distortion-in-Check.aspx