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Plié squat

Lets talk about how to perform a plié squat; plié squats work your quadriceps, adductors (inner thighs) glutes and calves. To perform a plié squat stand with your feet wider then hip distance apart and your toes turned out. Make sure your shoulders are directly over your hips with your chest and chin lifted. Tuck your hips so your tailbone is heavy and engage your core. Start by bending your knees until they are 90° take a slight pause at the bottom and then press into your heels and return to a standing position. Repeat as many times as possible. You can perform different variations of a plié squat; try pulsing at the bottom or even an isometric hold. To increase the difficulty try pushing up on to one or both of the balls of your feet and then perform the squat. This adds an additional balance component and focuses on your calves. If you have any questions come into Live Fit and ask one of our awesome personal trainers.