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Oatmeal is an awesome breakfast idea because it contains fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and keeps you feeling full longer. They also contain about 5 grams of protein per serving. When you are buying oatmeal make sure to purchase steel cut oats because they are less processed then rolled oats. They might take a little longer to prepare but it is well worth it in my opinion as they are not as mushy. For me, a bowl of oatmeal is not enough for breakfast so I wanted to share with you a few ways to add some extra protein to your oatmeal. All of the suggestions below are very simple; just stir them in once your oatmeal is cooked!
-Eggs: put a fried egg over your oatmeal or cook some egg whites in it. Eggs pack a lot of protein and do not change the taste very much.
-Greek Yogurt: I know this sounds a little weird but mix some Greek yogurt and fruit into your oatmeal. I promise it is awesome!
Protein Powder: add chocolate protein powder and some peanut butter and it almost tastes like you are eating a dessert for breakfast!
-Nuts: throw in a handful of nuts to add some crunch and protein to your oatmeal.
-Turkey Bacon: cut up some turkey bacon and add it into your oatmeal to make it a little more savory.
Do you have any recipes for oatmeal that have an extra boost of protein? I am always looking for more breakfast ideas.