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Non-Scale Victories

We have all had that feeling that we are a slave to the scale. Every morning we wake up and immediately jump on the scale to see if there is even an 1/8 lb difference. But what I want to talk about today is our non-scale victories. I understand that a lot of peoples goals are to lose weight and I completely understand that, but PLEASE realize that there are many other milestones that could be considered as completing a goal. First off, before you began working out how did you feel about your cardiovascular health? Now consider your diet and the amazing strides you have made to make yourself healthier overall. Any step to becoming more healthy is a great accomplishment and should make you feel proud. Next, when was the last time you worked out three of four times a week on a regular basis? This is also a goal that is well within your reach. Try to realize that there are small goals that can be accomplished before you reach your “goal” weight. If you have any questions, please come in and ask one of our great personal trainers for information!