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New Years Resolutions

It’s been a week and half since the start of the New Year. How are those New Years resolutions going so far? Many people find it hard to stick to these types of resolutions in the first two weeks and some may have even given up at this stage. Here are some tips to making attainable resolutions and some tips that will help you make these temporary changes into lifestyle changes. The most important step in creating resolutions to change your health or fitness is to make them attainable and not too long term. You may have the overall goal of losing twenty pounds in 2017 and that is great but you should focus on creating mini goals along the way to keep yourself on track. Each week, set a target goal such as making it to the gym three times or making a healthy dinner 5 nights of the week. Another challenge that many people find is turning those resolutions into permanent lifestyle changes. The first two weeks is undoubtedly the hardest and you may want to give up at this point. Research shows that it takes approximately three weeks to make or break a habit. After this point, you will find yourself just doing whatever change you have made without struggling with your will power as much. This is the critical stage for those New Years resolutions, but for those doubting if they can do it, stick it out for a couple more weeks and you may find that it is much easier than you once thought.