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Natural Sweeteners

Unfortunately the consumption of sugar refined, and artificial sweeteners are on the rise in the United States. Both types of sugar have many side effects on your body, overindulging in refined sugar can lead to diabetes, obesity, or heart disease and artificial sweeteners can cause head aches, impairment of your liver and kidney function or mood disorders. Now if you ask me none of those side effects sound worth it! I have been trying to find ways to naturally sweeten many of the foods I eat in a regular basis, one area I tend to use a lot of artificial sugars are in my drinks. I love tea and I am now trying to sweeten my tea with Stevia and the juice from a lemon slice. I have also started using honey to sweeten my coffee. There are so many natural sweeteners available; raw honey, organic maple syrup, real fruit jams, molasses, or dates. Do you use any of these natural sweeteners, or do you have any other suggestions? I would love to hear them!