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My workout routine

I have clients ask all the time what I do for my workouts during the week. Now every trainer is different and every trainer enjoys different workouts but I thought I would share with you what a typical week for me looks like. I admit that I change my routine up a lot. I get bored very easy! But as of right now my week looks as follows.

Monday: Heavy Lower Body workout with 30 minutes of cardio (typically running)

Tuesday: Heavy Upper Body workout with 30 minutes of cardio (typically running)

Wednesday: 50-60 minutes of Cardio (typically running)

Thursday: Light cardio (either the elliptical or sometimes walking, only if someone will go with me! Like I said I get very bored)

Friday: Reformer Pilates with 30 minutes of cardio (Pilates is very new to me, but I absolutely love it!)

Saturday or Sunday: Total Body HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, this is typically lighter weight and higher reps unlike my Monday and Tuesday workouts where I use heavier weights and lower reps.

I usually take one rest day, I try to stretch for about 30 minutes on this day and maybe go on a light walk. But nothing too strenuous!

I also use a heart rate monitor to measure how hard I am working, I use it as a way to push my self and make sure I am working hard enough and don’t start slacking!

Working out 6 days a week is NOT necessary. Like I said everybody is different so do not think this is what you need to be doing!