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Meet Sarah!

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Duethman and I just wanted to let you guys get to know a little bit more about me, my training style, and my family!


I want to start by saying I love working at Live Fit! I have been in a lot of gyms and Live Fit provides a great one on one environment. I really like that it is small enough to get to know all the clients that walk through the door. My training style varies with each client, I try to figure out what keeps them engaged. If I can get them to forget they are working out that’s even better! I like circuit training and timed exercise because it keeps it interesting.
I am married and have two kids, we all really enjoy being active together. We love to play tennis and golf and it can get pretty competitive. There is always a ball being bounced, thrown, or kicked around our house!
And lastly I want to share with you my favorite training memory….
Client: ”How long do I have to hold that plank”
Me: “# seconds”
Client: “I can’t do that.”
Me: “Just try.”
Client: “I can’t believe I just did that!”
I love being a personal trainer because of moments like that! Always know that you can push yourself and achieve anything you set your mind to.