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Meet Jessie…


Hi everyone, my name is Jessica! I have been training at Live Fit for about 1.5 years and I could not imagine training at any other studio, I love how all of the trainers are truly friends and we all know so much about each others clients. I know this has been said before but we are like a small family. My training style typically includes strength with some sort of cardio but I really do enjoy training people from all different fitness levels.

I think my favorite workout would be running, I like to run because it is for sure a stress reliever for me. I try to do strength about three times a week and I like to keep it exciting so any type of high intensity workout is good for me! I have just recently started Pilates Reformer training at Live Fit and I love it, stretching is not top on my priority list and the reformer makes it more fun to incorporate stretching into my routine.
I have an amazing boyfriend I have been with for 7 years and we live in downtown KC and absolutely love it! In my free time I enjoy trying new restaurants with my girlfriends, going to the lake and doing ANYTHING outside! All the trainers at Live Fit are absolutely great and we hope you will have the chance to meet us in person!