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As a personal trainer we take measurements fairly often and a lot of times I have clients asking how it’s done so today lets go over the correct way to take measurements. The measurements that I typically take are chest, waist, hips, thighs, and bicep but you can also measure your fore arm, neck, butt, and calves. Lets get started explaining how to take these measurements;

Chest: this is usually easier to have someone else help you, but measure from the largest part of your chest, make sure the tape measure is level and take the measurement from the back. Try to make sure you are wearing the same bra each time, which can make a difference!

Waist: measure from your smallest part on your waist do not suck in, once again this is a little easier to do with someone helping you and make sure the tape is level.

Hips: stand with your feet together and look for the largest part of your hips, once again make sure the tape is level

Thighs: measure the largest part of your thigh, typically right below where your thigh gets smaller before it attaches to your butt.

Bicep: hold your arm straight to the side palm facing down and measure at the largest part of your upper arm.

I hope this can help if you are tracking your measurements from home. Come into Live Fit if you have any more questions!