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Low Impact Workouts

You might be wondering what exactly is a low impact exercise and why would I need to perform one? Well, a low impact workout is a workout that is performed where your weight is always supported, for example one foot is always on the ground, you’re in the water, or your weight is supported by a machine. Low impact exercises are necessary when you are just starting a workout routine, have an injury, or are in pain while exercising. Just because you are performing a low impact exercise does not mean it will be easy! Below I have listed some high calorie burning workout options that are still low impact:

• Rowing Machine

• Kettle bell exercises

• Water Aerobics

• Circuit Training

• Swimming Laps

• Elliptical

• Recumbent Bike

• Zumba

• Walking at an Incline

• Rebounding

So there are no more excuses, come into Live Fit and let one of our personal trainers help you find the perform workout for you!