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Lemon Water

Watching what you are consuming is not only about what you are eating. Your liquid diet is also an important component to a healthy lifestyle and there are certain beverages that pack many benefits. Everyone knows that water is essential to a healthy lifestyle but adding some lemons to your water will have even more benefits. Lemon juice acts as a digestive aid and has detoxification properties as well. Lemons are also loaded with vitamin C, which boosts your immune system. The antioxidants in lemon water fight damage caused by the aging process and keep your skin looking fresh. One of the biggest benefits of drinking lemon water is the ability to aid in weight loss. A fiber called pectin that is contained in certain fruits such as lemons will help you feel full longer. Lastly, lemon water can have a positive effect on your energy levels without the crash that you may feel from caffeine. Remember these benefits next time you are looking for something a little different to drink and making it a habit will you feel healthier overall.