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Legs Up the Wall Pose

Yoga has many benefits but many of us are very busy and some of the poses can be very difficult and complicated. This is not the case for Legs Up the Wall Pose which is an inversion pose and all you need to do is lie on the floor next to a wall and put your legs together, vertically against the wall. So literally just lay with your legs up against a wall! This pose is a restorative and relaxing pose as it inverts what is typically happening to your body when you are sitting or standing. There are many potential healthy benefits to this pose and they include; anxiety and stress relief, relief of headaches, menstrual symptoms, as well as stretching the hips, hamstrings, and calves. Other benefits include reducing swelling, cramping, and fatigue in legs and feet, and also relieving lower back pain. This is an extremely simple pose that you can do anywhere and it has so many benefits for your body. I enjoy performing this pose when I am stressed out. It forces me to calm down and breath because its hard to do any thing other than lay there when you are in that position! Let me know if you give this pose a try and if you feel any health benefits!