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Kneeling Squats

Are you looking for a new butt workout? How about trying a kneeling squat! Kneeling squats are a great squat variation that targets the glutes even more then your standard squats. Kneeling squats are obviously performed while kneeling and this restricts your hamstrings, which forces your glute muscles to do most of the work. Well lets get to it! To perform a kneeling squat start by kneeling with your knees about shoulder width apart and your feet straight behind your knees. Engage your core and begin sitting back slowly while activating your glutes once your butt reaches your feet contract your glute muscles and push up returning to an upright position. Contract your glutes at the top and then repeat the movement. The most important part of performing a kneeling squat is to make sure you do not just “fall” backwards towards your feet, perform this exercise extremely slow contracting your glutes the entire time. Also make sure your core is activated to protect your lower back the entire time; do not release your core at the bottom of this exercise. To increase the difficultly of a kneeling squat add a resistance band around your waist or a weighted bar to your back. If you have any questions please let one of our personal trainers at Live Fit know and they would be glad to help!