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Kettlebells have become increasingly popular over the last few years and there are many awesome reasons why! If you have ever picked up a kettlebell you can immediately tell the difference from a dumbbell and this makes training with kettlebells a great addition to your workout. The weight of a kettlebell is off centered; this immediately requires you to use additional stabilizer muscles, because you are using more muscles you automatically burn more calories. Most kettlebell exercises work your body from head to toe; they are compound movements that require you to engage your lower body, upper body, and core all during one exercise. Also because of the design of the kettlebell you are training your body for more functional movements that include increasing your heart rate while moving around a heavy weight, this immediately allows your body to burn more calories so you burn more fat while still strength training. There are many other reasons that training with a kettlebell can improve your workout. Come into Live Fit and our personal trainers would love to show you some awesome workouts!