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Keep up with your New Years Resolution

So month one of 2015 is about over…does that mean you give up on your New Year’s resolution? Heck no! It’s time to ramp it up. After the first month of weight loss some people hit a plateau where their weight loss stalls so I wanted to give you a few tips and tricks that have worked for many of my clients. The first tip I want to give all my clients is to watch the amount of carbs you consume. When first starting a diet, typically people watch their calorie intake. This can work for some people but if you are not loosing weight try watching your carb intake. This can be very easy when you use an app like My Fitness Pal. These apps calculate your total carb intake for the day. If you are trying to lose weight keep your carb intake between 50-100 grams. Next, I would suggest switching up your work out routine. Your body is incredibly smart-if you do the same thing over and over your body will eventually get use to it. If you typically do steady state elliptical work try to add in some short bursts where you drive that heart rate up. The last suggestion I have is to watch the amount of calories you are drink. Many people forget to add their liquid calories into their daily caloric intake and this can greatly affect how much weight you are able to lose. I hope these suggestions can help, come into Live Fit and anyone of our personal trainers can help with your weight lose journey.