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I've worked out...now what?

You just kicked butt in your workout...now what? What you do following your workout can greatly effect the time it takes to recover and how quickly you see results. Below I have listed the most important things to do following a workout, check it out!

Immediately following a workout you need to cool down, this can be as simple as slowly walking on the treadmill. Next begin your stretching routine. Stretching aids in the recovery and repair of muscles after a difficult workout, don't forget to foam roll also!

After you are finished with your cool down and stretching it is time to refuel your body. Try to consume 16-20 oz of water after a workout. If your workout was extremely sweaty or it was humid you might want to increase the amount. Next lets eat! Try to consume a snack that has about 1/2 the amount of calories you burned (if you burned 500 eat a 250 calorie snack) The snack needs to have carbohydrates and protein and needs to be consumed within 1 hour after your workout. Post-workout food aids in recovery and how fast you are able to see results from your workout.

It's the next day and you are SORE! Now what? Well get moving! Soreness is caused by lactic acid build up and the best thing to do is to move. Try some light aerobics or maybe go on a walk, just keep moving!

If you have any additional questions about what to do once your workout is over come into either our Overland Park or Prairie Village location and talk to one of our awesome personal trainers!