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Is P90x a good workout to do at home?

P90x is an at home video workout program, released in 2004, that quickly gained popularity. It consists of 12 workouts, all 60 minutes or less, and takes the user through a 90-day fitness program that touts great results. It also comes with a P90x nutrition program to do in conjunction with the workout videos. Users like that it uses minimal equipment, and they can do it in the convenience of their own home. P90x promotes the concept ‘muscle confusion,’ which basically states muscles fail to see continued progress when you do the same workouts each week. In order to constantly challenge the muscles, you need to use a variety of training techniques to shock your muscles. I have had quite a few people ask me what I think of the P90x training program. One of the most important things to consider with an exercise program is will you enjoy it? This is critical for consistency and maintaining your results once you’ve hit your goal. Some people love high-intensity workouts and P90x is a great style for them. Something to consider is that P90x was originally developed for people who were already pretty fit. I have heard my share of horror stories from people who had not currently been working out at all who decided to jump on the P90x bandwagon and injured themselves. When I work with my personal training clients, I stress the importance of progressive overload. You can’t jump into a workout program you did five years ago when you worked out every day of the week. You need to start gradually, fatiguing your muscles to the point of exhaustion, but not to the point of having poor form and intense soreness. Each week, you can gradually increase the difficulty of your routine. It is also important to know your limitations. If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, you will need lower impact work at first so you don’t stress your joints too much. It is important to know how to do an exercise properly to get the most out of it and reduce injury risk. If you already have a chronic injury or condition, you need to know how to adapt your workout so you feel better, not worse afterwards. These are just some of my concerns with the P90x program. The P90x workout series may be great for some people who are already working out consistently when they can’t get to the gym. If you are just trying to get back in shape, however, I would not recommend you start with this video workout series.