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Interval Training

Today I was looking for a way to change up my typical cardio workout. I decided to do some interval training, adding in some sprints to raise my heart rate. I quickly realized I should probably do this type or workout more often because it was more difficult than I ever could have imagined! I started out jogging for 3.5 minutes followed by one minute of walking, all out sprint for thirty seconds and then another minute of walking to catch my breath.

This type of workout keeps the heart rate elevated even throughout the walking stages, resulting in more calories burned and improving overall cardiovascular health. I averaged around ten minutes per mile but burned a lot more calories then I would normally if I were to jog constantly at that pace. I highly recommend trying out this type of interval training and you can change up the periods of jogging, sprinting, and walking to make it comfortable yet challenging for your fitness ability. Interval training is an amazing way to increase speed and over all cardio health because you perform short bursts of high intensity exercise. Also you will burn more calories throughout the day, and hey who doesn’t love that!
Trying a different type of workout can show you where your fitness levels fall short and I have for sure figured out I need to work on my sprinting ability more often! Have you tried any new workout recently?