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Increasing Endurance

Endurance, according to Dictionary.com is the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions. When working out a goal for many is to increase their endurance, so today I want to give you a few pointers about how to increase your endurance!
First, which is a fairly easy one is to do more than you did last time! It doesn’t matter if it’s only a few seconds longer than the day before or one rep more! Next make sure you are doing exercises that increase your heart rate, even if this is just for a minute or two. Make sure you change up your workout. For instance, if you are a runner then run on the treadmill, on trails, and make sure you run the hills. Don’t just walk them! Last make sure you are taking care of your body, stretch, hydrate, and eat well! All of these things can help increase your endurance, if you need more assistance just check with one of the Live Fit personal trainers and they can help also!

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