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Incline treadmill walking

Treadmills offer a variety of cardiovascular workouts that include running and walking but what a lot of people forget is all treadmills have the ability to increase your incline! Incline walking can add another level to your treadmill workouts, a lot of time to increase your heart rate on the treadmill people think the only thing they can do is increase the speed. This is not possible for a lot of people because of a variety of reasons that is why walking at an incline can be a great option! The benefits of walking at an include are the following;

• Increased cardiovascular fitness: upping that incline will automatically increase your heart rate, which will increase your cardiovascular fitness.

• Increased calorie burn: with your heart rate increased your calorie burn will also increase.

• Increased strength: walking at an incline of 15% can active your glutes as much as squats so pump up that incline and work that booty!

Make sure when you increase your incline you are not holding on, that negates all the listed benefits. Swing those arms and burn those calories! Come in to Live Fit if you have any additional questions!