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Importance of Sleep

Everyone knows how he or she feels the next morning if they don’t get a good night sleep. You may feel groggy, unfocused, and physically tired. The proper of amount of sleep differs with age and on an individual basis. As we get older, the ideal of amount of sleep tends to decrease but an average an adult should get between 7-9 hours of sleep every single night and school aged children should get between 10-11 hours per night. Even if you get several nights of proper sleep in a week, you may not overcome the effects of sleep debt, which is when you get less than ideal amounts of sleep. Many people struggle to sleep well even if they have a proper amount of time devoted to sleeping each night. Some tips to help you sleep more soundly include setting a routine that involves calming activities before bed and the most important tip is to exercise regularly. Sleep is the body’s time to repair itself and recharge for the stresses of the day. A major downside of not getting enough sleep is the detrimental effects on the immune system. Other positive of good a good sleep routine are more creativity, better problem solving, decrease depression, increased memory, and promoting weight loss. Do not take the sleep for granted as getting proper sleep is one of the most beneficial measures to promote overall health.