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Importance of Core Strength

People often talk about exercises to improve core strength, but what exactly is it and why is it important to work on this. Core strength or core training is not just another way to say “doing abs.” Core Strength involves many more muscles than just your abdominals such as back muscles, obliques and even your glutes. These muscles are all responsible for connecting the lower body to the upper body and most importantly for support of your spine. The stronger your core muscles, the less tension are placed on your bones, which can cause problems down the road. As you age, your bones will become weaker, so it is important to have a strong core to support your body and have better balance. Many people sit for long periods throughout the day and back problems can become a real issue if you don’t do some sort of core training.
With all this being said, core training will also tone your abs and give you a flatter stomach because this type of training is important for that too. Now what kinds of exercises are good for building this core strength? One of best ways to engage your core is by doing instability exercises. A great way to do this is by doing things on a bosu ball such as squats or lunges. The instability of the ball causes you to tense all of the muscles of your core to stabilize yourself. This is a great method for training your cores muscles and the more you train, you’ll notice the less that you have to concentrate on stabilizing yourself; then its time to step it up and try something more difficult!