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How to use music as a motivator

We all know that working out by your self can be extremely boring, especially if it is cardio. I know that when I am bored I find way to cut my workout short, so today I thought I would share with you a way I have found to keep my solo cardio a little more exciting! I use my playlist as my own personal trainer. What I mean by that is during the chorus of each song I up my intensity or whatever type of cardio I am doing. So, if I am walking on the treadmill I will bump up the incline during the chorus and then bump it down during the rest of the song. This makes it more fun because each song is different, making your intensity levels change. I will warn you that Shake It Up by Taylor Swift is a very hard song to start with, the chorus is literally repeated about every 30 seconds! But the great thing about this type of workout is you know once the song is over you will have a different set of interval times. This will automatically allow you to get a better workout because you are getting short bursts of high intensity exercise but it will also keep your body guessing! Let us know if you give this workout a try, our personal trainers can help pick songs that are perfect for your fitness abilities so let us know if you would like any song suggestions!