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How to properly set up your spin bike

Spinning is an amazing workout that can allow you to burn any where from 400-700 calories in only an hour. Spinning is a high intensity cardio work out that is also very low impact, which makes it great for people with injuries. Today lets talk about how to properly set up your spin bike so you can get the most out of your workout.

Seat Height: Stand next to your bike and line the seat up with your hip socket, next hop on the bike when you extend your leg you want there to still be a small bend. If you need to adjust it up or down do so now.

Handlebar: When seated on the bar your hands should rest comfortably on the handlebars with a slight bend at your elbows.

Seat Position: The seat can slide forward and back, this is mostly just personal comfort but you should have your seat bones on the seat and your arms should still be able to comfortably reach the handlebars.

Remember you can always ask someone to help you set up your bike!