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How to perform the perfect pushup!

Correct form is extremely important when you are performing exercises. Unfortunately many of the most common exercises are performed incorrectly everyday. Below I am going to list a few tips to make sure you are performing a push up correctly.

  • Make sure your head and neck are in a straight position, you’re body should be a straight line. If this is difficult I would recommend switching to knee pushups until you build additional strength.

  • Keep your shoulders back, do not shrug your shoulders towards your ears. This causes more pressure on your triceps, keeping your shoulders down will make the exercises a more effective chest exercise.

  • Keep your hands in the same horizontal plane as your shoulders; do not lean too far forward or backwards. Your shoulders should stay directly in line with your wrists during the entire exercise.

  • Make your hands the correct distance apart, when you are at the lowest point of your push up your arms should be at about a 90° angle.

  • Keep your hips and torso straight, a lot of times people raise their hips up into the air to make the push up easier. This puts more strain on the shoulders. Also, another mistake that is common is to let your hips sway down, which puts pressure on your lower back. You want to keep your hips in line with your torso and engage your abs to protect your lower back.

I hope these tips help you to be able to perform a push up with correct form. If you have any additional questions our personal trainers at Live Fit would love to help!