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How to pass the time during a long run

Have you ever thought about trying to run a half marathon and thought there is no way, maybe not because you couldn’t physically do it but maybe because you think you would be too bored! Well let’s chat about a few ways to help pass the time! I use every one of these tricks to get me through some of my long runs, and yes some of them are a little weird, no judgment!

Break up your run: Thinking about running 8 miles can be daunting so break it up into smaller blocks. For me I break every run I do in half, even shorter distances and this keeps me from getting discouraged.

Plan something: I literally mean anything, some times I will plan what I need to do the rest of the week for work or I will plan a fake vacation, anything to pass the time.

Playlists: Make sure the music you are listening to is motivational, if you are enjoying your play list the run will be much easier! 90’s music is my go to!

Podcasts or listen to a book: I don’t do either of these but I know a lot of people that do and sometimes they get so caught up in the book that they don’t realize they have ran 5 miles.

Change up your route: For me I know a few routes like the back of my hand, I know exactly where ever ¼ a mile is, this can become mundane and boring. Change it up, Overland Park has awesome trails so pick a new one.

Find a running buddy: Everything is better when someone else is with you, recruit a friend to run with you.

People watch: I have to admit this is one of my favorite things to do ANYWHERE. While I am running I will sometimes try to guess peoples stories as I run by them (or they run by me ☺ )

Reward yourself at the end of your run: If you know you can drink that glass of wine at the end or the run or buy a new pair of running tights once you do that long run it can be so much more rewarding.

Do you have any tricks you use to make it through your long runs? Let us know!