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How to make exercises low impact

I often have clients that ask me about different workouts and how to make the exercise more low impact. There are many reasons to need to change up an exercise to limit the amount of impact on your joints. For example if you have an injury, are pregnant, or are just starting your exercise journey. So lets chat about how we can make almost any exercise low impact. First, slow down, you can break the exercise up into pieces, so instead of jumping in and out try stepping in and out so you constantly have one solid foot on the ground. Next you can try decreasing the range of motion, starting with small squats and slowly building to full squats. You could also transition from jumping to just rising onto your toes. The biggest thing with changing exercises to low impact is you want to make sure you are keeping your intensity up, you can easily do this by raising your arms over your head, this automatically increases your heart rate. You have made the decision to workout so you want to make sure you get all you can out of each workout!
You could also try workouts with minimal joint pounding like Pilates, biking, or swimming. These are all great and safe options. Come into Live Fit and ask our personal trainers any questions you may have!