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How to look skinnier instantly!

As a child, you mother probably told you a hundred times to, “Sit up straight!” Not only is proper posture a part of good manners, we also know that proper posture has health benefits as well. Back pain can be caused by bad posture as the muscles of the back are strained and the spine is out of proper alignment. Another benefit of proper posture that you have probably not considered is making you look skinnier instantly!
There are three common posture problems, and when fixed will make you look better and feel more confident. The first is caused by a weak upper back and results in your chest angled downwards, causing your breasts to look saggy. This can be fixed by strengthening your upper back by doing an exercise called a face pull. The second problem is the dreaded belly pooch and is caused by weak lower abs and a pelvis that is tilted forwards. You can fix this by doing a kneeling hip-flexor stretch which will relax the tension in your hips. The last problem resulting from poor posture is a seemingly thick midsection. Rounded shoulders can compress your ribs and abdomen and make your midsection look larger than it is. Fix this by doing a lying Y raise. Just lay on the floor with your arms above your head in a Y formation. Raise your arms off the floor a few inches, pause, and then return. Try to do sets of 10-12 reps of this exercise. Now that you know how easy it is to fix these common posture problems, get out there and look thinner instantly!