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How to increase your activity

How many of us made being more active throughout the day as a New Years resolution? Being more active has many health benefits including increasing your energy and decreasing your risk for many diseases. There are many ways to become more active throughout the day and most of them do not require any time and can be done easily throughout the day. Below I have listed a few ways to increase your activity, let us know what you do to stay active.

Wear an activity tracker: Wearing an activity tracker is a great way to be aware of how much you are sitting each day. Most activity trackers "remind" you to stand up every hour so there is no excuse.

Break your goal into smaller increments: Break up your step goal throughout the day. Maybe try to get 3,000 steps in before lunch, 1,000 steps during lunch, and then the rest the second part of the day.

Drink more water: This might seem like a strange one, but drinking more water is obviously great for your overall health but it will also require you to go to the restroom more, which means you will get more steps in!

Compete with a friend: Competition is a great motivator! Get a friend at work or maybe you spouse to compete with! It will make it all a little more fun!

Be inefficient: Use the bathroom that is further from your desk, park at the back of the lot, take more trips then you typically would when carrying the laundry.

Don't sit, walk: There are many things you could do while walking instead of sitting. Walk while talking on the phone, or instead of sitting for a meeting have a walking meeting, also don't sit and watch your sons soccer practice, circle the field!

There are so many different ways to increase your activity each day, it just takes a little effort, and before you know it you will have created a habit! As always come into Live Fit if you have any additional questions!