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How to incorporate protein powder into your diet

Protein powder can be very useful if you lead an active lifestyle that involves weight training. Most people know that your body needs protein quickly after strength training, but there are also many other uses for protein powder. I will list them below!
Post Workout Meal: Whey protein is best immediately after you lift weights. Whey protein hits your muscles quickly so they can recover and grow, but you must make sure to consume it within an hour after your workout.
Pre Workout Meal: If you workout early in the morning, try adding protein powder to your smoothie, oatmeal, or other hot cereals. Protein pancakes have also become very popular in the blog world!
Afternoon Snack: Afternoon munchies are very common; you want to make sure you eat something that is healthy and filling. Protein will keep you full much longer so it can help you get over that afternoon slump.
Late Night Snack: At night your muscles are unfed for an extended period of time and they can start to break down so drinking casein protein helps prevent this from happening!!
I hope this gives you a few ideas for how to incorporate more protein into your diet. Your body can only metabolize 40 grams of protein at a time so it is pointless to consume more than that!