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How to get outside and run when it is freezing!

Okay, I am done with this cold weather!! Sometimes the cold weather causes people to want to wrap up in a blanket and sit on the couch all day, so I wanted to give a few tips to get outside and get that run completed.
Find a Buddy: Everything is better if there is someone there to experience it with you! You can motivate each other to keep going.
Dress the Part: Make sure you are dressed accordingly, gloves a hat and a scarf are necessary and make sure to wear layers. Don’t forget about your socks, a nice pair of wool socks will help keep your feet warm.
Make a Plan: Map out a route that minimizes the amount of wind you are required to run in; when it’s extremely cold I try to run on the trails. The trees block some of the wind to make the cold more bearable.
Warm Up: Warm up a bit inside before going outside, this will make the cold not so shocking. Make sure you do not sweat before going outside; the sweat can freeze and make you colder.
Come Prepared: Even if you do not typically bring money when running I would suggest bringing a few dollars. If the cold gets unbearable you can stop in a coffee shop for some tea and to warm up.
After Run Care: Right when you get home take your cold and most likely damp clothes off immediately, especially your socks. Try a warm shower and dry clothes to help your body come back to a normal temperature.
I hope these tips help you get outside and get moving! Come into Live Fit and one of our trainers could help also!