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How to avoid running injuries

Unfortunately many runners experience some sort of running injury sometime during their running careers. Below I have listed a few ways to help prevent many common running injuries.
1. Always make sure to warm up with a short walk
2. Always finish your run with a short walk
3. Make sure to stretch before and after running
4. Self-Myofascial release is extremely important if you are a regular runner, especially your IT Bands
5. Add strength training into your workouts
6. Do not run every day, having rest days are important!
7. Do not run on uneven surfaces (this includes running on the same side of the road at all times because it could be slanted to improve water drainage)
8. Wear shoes that fit YOUR foot!
9. Stay hydrated
10. Eat a well balanced diet
I hope these tips help! Injuries are serious so make sure to see a doctor if you are experiencing severe pain!