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How much should I exercise?

When people embark on a fitness journey, they often wonder how many hours per week should be devoted to an exercise program. Even more, they want to know how they should break down the type of exercise between flexibility, cardio, and strength training. This is a difficult question because it is really dependent on your current level of fitness and what your goals are. If your goal is weight loss, our personal trainers generally recommend daily flexibility work, two days of 30-60 minute strength training, and 5 days of 30-60 minute cardio sessions to see maximum results. If you have never exercised before, you may want to tone it down and start with a day of strength and two days of cardio if your body does not adjust well to consecutive workout days. If your goal is muscle building, you may need to do closer to four days of 60-minute strength sessions that focus on different muscle groups each day. If you are at your goals and just want to maintain and workout for general well being, two 30 minutes strength sessions and four to five 30 minute cardio sessions should do the trick. Keep in mind that your goals will be greatly impacted by your nutrition. The reason you need longer cardio sessions if you want to lose weight is because you will create a greater calorie deficit to put you in weight loss mode. If you have a high calorie day of eating, you might need to workout closer to two hours to be in a deficit. The style of exercise you do also plays a role. You can burn more calories in a 30-minute interval sessions than in a 60-minute easy cardio session. To learn more tips about the ideal workout program for your goals, contact one of our personal trainers in Overland Park today!