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How long should I workout?

I feel like I get this question about once a week from a client so I figured a lot of you were wondering the same thing. Unfortunately there is not an exact answer! Every time a client asks this question the first thing I think of is what are we timing? How long we are in the actual gym, do we include the amount of rest we are taking, time spent walking from machine to machine, or the time spent finding your next set of dumbbells? Now you see what I mean by there is not an exact answer to how long should I workout.
So to answer this question I want you to really think about your self, when you workout, do you wonder around the gym between each set or are you pretty much constantly working out? Are you a beginner or have you been working out for years? All this factors into how long you should workout.
Now I will try to answer the question. I would suggest working out for between 30 minutes to 1 hour at least 3 times per week. Total body workout should take closer to 1 hour and a day with only cardio can be closer to 30 minutes.
I want to end with this-any workout is better than no workout! If you can only squeeze in a 20-minute workout before the kids make it home from school make sure you use those 20 minutes wisely.