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How I meal prep!

I typically spend a few hours each week doing some sort of meal planning, some weeks it's more detailed and other weeks it's planning to pick up take out! We plan out our week day dinners and put them in the calendar so whoever gets home first can start cooking! (And it took out the "whats for dinner" question each night) I also boil eggs for snacks and prepare some sort of protein for our lunches which is usually shredding a rotisserie chicken or browning ground turkey. Below I have listed our plan for this week:

Sunday: Steak Fajita Lettuce Wraps

Monday: Dinner with the (future) in-laws...I had an ahi tuna salad from the Tavern in Mission Farms with the dressing on the side, and no wonton strips.

Tuesday: Philly Cheese Steaks

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches (no bun for me) w/ Buffalo "Wings" (don't worry I will explain later)

Thursday: Chicken Tortilla Soup (recipe is on the blog)

Friday and Saturday are based on our plans! For sure a cheat meal...maybe veggie pizza from Papa Murhphy's!

Today I wanted to share with you how I cooked once and ate 4+ meals! I prepared flank steak and veggies on Sunday and we were able to eat two dinners, a few lunches, and even a breakfast! Check out the recipes below

What you need:

2 lbs Flank Steak

Red Pepper

Green Pepper



Worcestershire Sauce

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

Extras: bread, provolone cheese, romaine lettuce, sour cream, cotija cheese, shredded chicken, eggs

Prep for Philly Cheese Steaks

Cut your peppers, mushrooms, and onions and place half of your veggies in a bowl drizzle with olive oil, worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper. Next place 1/2 of your flank steak on a sheet pan and rub both sides with olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper. Then distribute your veggies around the steak trying not to over crowd. (I split my veggies up on to two pans) Bake at 350° for 18 minutes, remove steak of the oven and cut into small slices, put it back in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Separate meat and veggies into two glass containers and put in the fridge for later in the week...fast forward to later in the week...pull one container out place meat and veggies on a sheet pan add a few slices of provolone cheese and bake until cheese is melted. My fiancé ate his on bread and I ate mine plain! Then don't forget you have the other container to use for lunch! My fiancé wants another philly cheese steak for lunch and I ate some of the veggies and meat plain yesterday!

Prep for Steak Fajita Lettuce Wraps:

This can be done while your philly cheese steaks are in the oven! Grab your cast iron skillet and heat over high heat. While your cast iron skillet is heating up rub salt and pepper over the other half of your flank steak. Once the skillet is screaming hot add olive oil then sear the flank steak for 3 minutes on each side. Remove from grill and wrap in aluminum foil. Next add the other half of your veggies to the cast iron skillet and cook until they are softened, turn off the stove. Then slice the meat into bite size pieces and add back to the skillet. Split the meat and veggies in half and place in a glass container.

We ate the steak fajitas on Sunday night so we immediately used half of the meat and veggies and added sour cream and cotija cheese to romaine lettuce for lettuce wraps. Later in the week I am going to use the steak for steak and eggs as breakfast for my fiancé and I will add the veggies to a chicken quesadilla! (maybe 2 if I have enough)

Let us know if you try these recipes and if you do anything fun with the left overs! If you like this type of post let me know and I will try to share my meal planning with you more often!