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Home Gym Essentials

I have a lot of clients ask me what I think are the most important things for a home gym…I don’t know if I could pick one piece of equipment so below is a list of the things I feel are extremely helpful in a home gym. Most of these pieces can be used for many different exercises and none of the items are very expensive. There is no excuse for not working out! You can make anything work if you want to!
Stability Ball
Foam Roller
Resistance Bands
Jump Rope
Medium Weight Dumbbells (I would use about 15lbs)
Light Medicine Ball (About 8 lbs for me)
Yoga Mat
My last suggestion is TRX Bands, this is a little bit more expensive but it is extremely versatile and can be used any where and is easily packable if you travel.
I hope these suggestions help! Let the personal trainers at Live Fit know if you have any questions or need suggestions on workouts that use the equipment listed!