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Heel Striking

Have you ever had someone tell you that you are a heel striker when you run and wonder what in the world is that? Heel striking occurs when your running stride is too long which causes your heel to absorb all of the impact of each step. When you’re heel strikes first your leg is extended for the impact, which puts unnecessary tension on your knee, which increases your risk for a knee injury. Now you’re probably wondering what part of my foot should I land on while running? While running you want to land first on the ball of your foot and then roll to your mid-foot, this happens when your foot strikes closer to your center of gravity so your stride is not as long. Mid/fore foot striking puts the tension on your muscles because your knee is bent during the initial impact; this reduces your risk of injury. So if you are experiencing knee pain while running check your running form, the pain could dissipate if you shorten your stride! Come on into Live Fit if you have any additional questions.