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Heart Rate Monitors

There are many people that use heart rate monitors while they workout (me!!) so today I want to talk about how to use a heart rate monitor. For me I feel like I cannot workout with out it, last Monday I forgot it and I felt lost without it. I almost felt like I wasn’t getting a workout in because I could not look at my heart rate at the end of it, I know I am crazy! So lets figure out a few numbers that will help you measure your workout.
First thing you need to do if you are using a heart rate monitor is to find your max heart rate. To find it you need to take 220 and subtract your age (220-24=196 would be my max heart rate)
Next find your target heart rate zone, this would be 50%-85% of your max heart rate. So my target HR zone is 98-167 beats per minute.
After finding this you can see where your heart rate needs to be for the bulk of your workout, you can measure your heart rate and perform different types of workouts. Interval training could be alternating between the higher level of that zone and the lower level. Steady state cardio could be holding your heart rate at about 70% of your max heart rate. There are so many different workout options when using a heart rate monitor.
Last make sure you recover at the end of your workout. You want your heart rate to lower to about 20 beats higher then your resting heart rate.
Heart rate monitors can be extremely helpful when working out, but as always make sure you listen to your body!!