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Healthy Vacation

Since summer has officially started today so I want to talk about vacation. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves to take a break every once in a while but I want to give you some suggestions to help keep your vacations healthier. My first suggestion for staying healthy during your vacation is to rent a house or apartment instead of staying in a hotel. Many locations have VRBO or Home away houses available and when you stay in a house you are able to go to the grocery store to purchase food. This allows for you to eat a healthy breakfast and/or snacks instead of eating out for every meal. This alone can save you many calories and money. My next suggestion would be to look up fitness studios in the area before you arrive. Traveling allows you to experience different fitness studios and most of the time you can attend a gym for free the first time! Next, I would suggest walking! You’re on vacation so most likely you haven’t ever been to this area; get out and walk to see the city!! Getting extra steps in will allow you to burn more calories throughout the day which will keep that vacation weight from creeping up!
My last suggestion would be to go hiking on a vacation! There are so many amazing places to hike and you are able to see some of the most amazing scenery. Last year, my boyfriend and I went hiking in Yosemite and it was amazing! We hiked over 8 miles both days while we were there but we never felt like we were exercising because of all of the beautiful scenery. If you can include some sort of active activity while you’re on vacation it can make getting exercise in more fun!
I hope these suggestions can help you have a healthy vacation! Let us know if you have been anywhere that you could have a healthy and active vacation!