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Healthy Skin Diet

Food fuels your immune system so it can fight infections. This means it also supports your skins defenses too! Nutritious food gives your skin the power it needs to help battle acne causing bacteria. Below I have listed a few foods that will help your maintain clear and healthy skin.
Good Food Guide:
-Fatty Acids: fatty acids help skin retain water so it glows and fatty acids also sooth stressed out skin.
-Whole Grains: Fiber flushes out toxins and help keep skin clear
-Vitamin B6: B6 can help keep hormone levels balanced and unbalanced hormones can lead to acne
-Fruits: fruit has antioxidants and vitamins, which help maintain good skin health
Your nutrition effects all aspects of your body, make sure you are feeding your body healthy and nutrition foods to help maintain healthy functions of all your bodies systems.