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Healthy School Lunch Ideas

In honor of today being the first day back to school for most kids in the area I thought I would share a few school lunch ideas. Many of us practice healthy eating habits regularly but then forget to pass these healthy eating habits on to our kids. Kids will pick up on pretty much anything you do, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Make sure you are showing them healthy eating habits every day, this even means the school lunch you pack! Many kids play multiple sports and burn A LOT of energy during the day so packing nutritious snacks and lunches are very important. Below are some ideas for main dishes and side dishes.
Main Dish:

Pita Pockets with any type of protein and add veggies!

Sandwiches make sure to add veggies like cucumber and lettuce!

Smoothies, you can add protein powder and veggies and they won’t even notice!

Couscous Salad with shredded chicken, hummus, and grapes

Wrap with turkey, cheese, and broccoli salad or peanut butter, jelly, and banana. Skip the tortilla and skewer the wrap with a pretzel instead!

Side Dish:

Yogurt with fruit

Apples, Celery, Bananas and Peanut Butter (what kid doesn’t love peanut butter!)

Veggies and Ranch Dip

Cheese Cubes

Pasta Salad

Pita Chips with Humus

Shelled Edamame

Sliced boiled eggs

Try to make sure there is a source of protein, some veggies and fruit to each school lunch! Good luck to all the kids out there starting school today or soon!