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Healthy Plane Travel

With Christmas coming up a lot of families have travel plans. Traveling can lead to unhealthy decisions I wanted to give you a few tips for healthy travel. Some of these tips need to start a few days before so you better get started!
2-3 Days Prior to traveling begin taking Vitamin C Tablets (like Airborne)
What to Bring:
Protein Bars
Trail Mix
Empty Water Bottle
Hand Sanitizer
During the Flight:
Make sure to stretch your legs, on a flight over 4 hours, 1 in every 4,500 flyers will develop a blood clot within 8 weeks of flying.
-To boost circulations on longer flights, walk to the bathroom frequently.
-Gentle yoga every 30 minutes can also help.
Use hand sanitizer often! Airline travelers are 20 % more likely to develop a common cold.
Drink a lot of water: planes have very low humidity, which can lead to more rapid dehydrations.
-Avoid alcohol and caffeine and try to
-Drink 8 oz. of water every hour.
- Avoid salty snacks
-Apply lotion to your hands and feet to combat dry skin
All of us at Live Fit hope you all travel safe this Holiday season!