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Healthy Fast Food Options

Spring Break is officially here! I am very jealous of everyone that is sitting on a warm beach while it’s freezing and dreary in Overland Park today. Since many of you are on vacation, I thought we could talk about eating at fast food restaurants. Traveling sometimes requires quick stops for food which makes sticking to your diet a little more difficult, but here are a few tricks for making healthy choices at fast food joints.

1. Skip the condiments. Some condiments may contain a lot of fat and sodium. Try to stick to mustard if a condiment is needed.

2. Skip the liquid calories. The last thing you need to do while eating at a fast food restaurant is to drink your calories. Many fruit smoothies have upwards of 500 calories and 80 carbohydrates.

3. Skip the side dish or ask for a substitution. Fries, onion rings, or mozzarella sticks can almost double your calorie intake.

Now if you must eat at a fast food restaurant there are many options that don’t ruin your diet. I have listed several below!

KFC Honey BBQ Sandwich

Wendy’s Ultimate Grilled sandwich’

In and Out Hamburger (substitute mustard for the spread)

Chick-fil-A chargrilled nuggets

Taco Bell Fresco Style Bean Burrito

McDonalds Grilled Snack Wrap (with mustard)

Jimmy John’s Unwich