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Healthier Fast Food Options

With Labor Day being this weekend I know a lot of people will be traveling so I thought today we could chat about healthier options at fast food restaurants. It is nice because recently more and more healthy options have been added to fast food restaurant menus. Now by no means am I suggesting you eat fast food every day but if it is necessary try one of these healthier options!
McDonalds: Premium Grill Chicken Sandwich (try to skip the mayo): 300 calories
Jimmy Johns: Unwich: Turn any sandwich in to a lettuce wrap and save up to 400 calories from the bread!
Wendy’s: Large Chili: 310 calories add a side salad to round out your meal
Panera Bread Company: You Pick Two with your choice of Salad and Black Bean Soup: about 400 calories
Dunkin Donuts: Egg White Veggie Wake Up w/ Hash browns: 350 calories
Chipotle: 3 Barbacoa Tacos with lettuce and salsa: 405 calories
I hope this gives you a few options, don’t let fast food be the death of your diet. It is always possible to make a healthy choice!