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Half Pigeon

How many of us practice yoga just for the last five minutes of class...you all know what I am talking about! Savasana is the last pose of most yoga classes, you lie on your back and are given time to reflect and clear your brain before ending your practice. Well, my second favorite pose is half pigeon, this stretch feels extremely good on my hips and I sometimes wish I could sit in that position all day. Half pigeon stretches your hip flexors, hip rotators, glutes, quads, and piriformis muscles. This pose helps to relieve sciatic pain, low back pain, and hip pain.

To perform half pigeon bring your front knee forward and in line with your hip, let your knee fall to the side and place your ankle on the mat trying to have your shin parallel with the front of the mat. Lengthen your back foot straight back while keeping it in line with your hips, don't forget to keep your hips are square to the front of the mat. Lengthen through your spin and then fold forward. Extend your arms forward and reach your foot backwards while stretching your body as far as possible. Place your hands on the ground along with your forehead, relax your shoulders and breath. Holding this stretch as long as is comfortable for you. Just writing this post is making me want to stretch! As always come into Live Fit if you have any questions for our personal trainers. We are happy to offer private and partner yoga sessions.