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Habits of consistent exercisers

A question I get a lot of the time from friends and family is “Do you love working out?” The truthful answer is no, but exercising has become an integral part of my life. I can’t imagine not exercising, so let’s chat about something’s that I feel help me stay consistent with my exercise routine. First, exercise is nonnegotiable; I don’t let drinks with my girlfriends or the fact that I am tired keep me from the gym, I make it a priority and no one can change my mind. Consistent exercisers rarely exercise only to look better; now don’t get me wrong that is a great perk but I also exercise for my health. I want to be running ½ marathons when I am 70 so I know I need to be exercising consistently now. Like I said before I don’t love exercising but I do try to find exercises that I enjoy. I like running, I use it as a stress reliever but I absolutely hate stationary cardio so I avoid it like the plague. Find an exercise that you don’t hate, and if you do hate an exercise don’t do it! Next make sure to have the right gear; having the right gear is so important. You don’t want to have to skip a workout day because you have a horrible blister or you don’t have any clean sports bras. Lastly, I use is my support system, on a day I am dreading a work out I recruit my boyfriend, a lot of times I will just tag along with him and perform his workout (with lighter weight, obviously!) this way I am still getting in a workout, I change up my routine, and I have some company. I hope these suggestions help you become a consistent exerciser! As always come into Live Fit if you are looking for some extra motivation.